A modern, environmentally-friendly architectural project

The exterior cladding of the building will be a ventilated façade made up of large ceramic panels combined with architectural panels. The roof will be finished with wood-effect stoneware flooring and green areas next to the pool

Large balconies finished with wood-effect stoneware flooring, glass perimeter and stainless steel finished with safety glass. The exterior frames will be aluminium finished and double-glazed CLIMALIT, consisting of a lowemissivity glass giving on to the interior of the house, providing significant energy savings for the user.

Entrance hall finished with attention to detail and designed with the best quality materials.

Reinforced main entrance door and white lacquer interior doors. Kitchens fully equipped with premium quality, energy efficient household appliances. Bedrooms equipped with motorised blinds and white built-in wardrobes complete with luggage shelf and metal rail.




Building with a high energy rating

It is a residential building designed for greater efficiency in order to achieve low energy consumption, favouring the rational use of energy, with the aim of both protecting the environment and ensuring quality and climatic comfort within the home

Low-emissivity glasse: The use of low-emissivity glass will avoid the lost of heat energy to the exterior resulting in cost savings. This is achieved by treating the glass with layers of silver, which has the lowest emissivity of all metals. In this way, in summer it will prevent heat from entering and in winter it will retain the heat in your home.

Underfloor heating: This is an invisible and clean heating system with high energy efficiency that works at a lower temperature, based on stable and homogeneous heat levels, eliminating air currents, increasing boiler efficiency and allowing greater cost savings.

Condensing boiler: The centralised condensing boiler system, for DHW and heating, will take advantage of the latent energy of the water vapour to convert it into sensible heat and reduce energy losses. It will also reduce fuel consumption and the emission of harmful substances and improve the performance and useful life of the boile.


Zonas comunes diseñadas para disfrutar

Infinity and chill out pool: Infinity pool with salt water chlorination and submerged night lighting and large solarium with wood-effect stoneware flooring.

Garden areas: A park/garden leisure area to fully enjoy this unbeatable location of Barcelona.

Food lobby: Large, furnished and equipped food lobby. An area designed for the celebration of your children’s birthdays and dinners with friends.

Gym: Fully equipped gym beneath your home, with views of the park. Keep fit without having to leave the building.